Thunderbird market segments

Robert Kaiser KaiRo at
Thu Apr 29 12:15:42 UTC 2010

Ben Bucksch schrieb:
> SeaMonkey guys told me some guy who forked the HTML editor code years
> ago would be happy to not only merge his changes back to us but also
> take over the HTML editor and continue to fix bugs. I'd be happy about
> that.

I'll break my radio silence on this mailing list (which I still dislike) 
for one single comment on this:

That guy feels that the Thunderbird community doesn't want the 
standalone HTML editor (KompoZer) to live in comm-central, so he is not 
too enthusiastic about helping out a lot right now - but the plans as 
such still stands and we are (more slowly than expected) working with him.

Robert Kaiser

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