Sunset Plan for Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Wed Apr 28 18:55:23 UTC 2010

  On 4/28/10 12:23 AM, Pavel Cvrček wrote:
> Dne 28.4.2010 3:55, Dan Mosedale napsal(a):
>>> 1) IIRC, there was the policy of an at least six months upgrade window,
>>> so delay the message by a month.
>> In an ideal world, with more resources, we would.  As it stands, we're
>> still keeping our eyes open, and if we found something sufficiently
>> awful, we'd figure out what to do about it
> So organizations and users don't have quarantee support of older 
> version. I don't think this is good. Please provide some document with 
> info about support of older versions.
The message that started this thread 
<> is 
that info for 2.0.0.x, and the development plan linked to from that 
message <> 
is that info for more recent versions.

To be more specific, our current hope is not to support Thunderbird 
3.0.x for too long after we ship Thunderbird 3.1, but rather to upgrade 
all of our 3.0.x users to 3.1.x fairly quickly, in large part because 
the set of changes between 3.0 and 3.1 is relatively small.

That does, however, depend on a some externalities, such as 3.1.x user 
feedback as well as how quickly add-on authors make their 3.0.x addons 
compatible with 3.1.


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