Sunset Plan for Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Wed Apr 28 01:55:31 UTC 2010

  On 4/24/10 2:39 AM, Archaeopteryx wrote:
> A few pain points with this.
> 1) IIRC, there was the policy of an at least six months upgrade window,
> so delay the message by a month.
In an ideal world, with more resources, we would.  As it stands, we're 
still keeping our eyes open, and if we found something sufficiently 
awful, we'd figure out what to do about it.
> 2) Thunderbird 3.1 has not been released yet but is mentioned in the
> message. 3.0 isn't linked in the distributor notes, but 3.1 isn't and
> its pre-release status isn't mentioned the first time you talk about 3.1
Good points; we could indeed have done better here.
> 3) Please add a how-to page how to prevent the user interface changes
> for the distributors, they probably don't want to tell every user how to
> switch from Smart Folders to All Folders or how to see again the message
> count in a folder.
Happily, both of these changes are included both of those things in 3.1: 
All Folders is the default again, and the folder columns pane is 
mentioned in the migration assistant.

That said, we also plan to have a page on MDC for folks distributing 
Thunderbird that will have pointers to important resources, including 
hidden prefs that site-admins may wish to set.


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