comm-1.9.2 branch set-up but trunk + branch not ready for checkins yet

Mark Banner mbanner at
Tue Apr 27 20:34:51 UTC 2010

  Hi All,

Just to let you all know that comm-1.9.2 is now separated from comm-central.

This means that to do comm-1.9.2 (i.e. Thunderbird 3.1 or Lightning 
1.0b2 builds) you must pull from the new repository:

Running from here will pull releases/mozilla-1.9.2.

At the moment we need to keep comm-central closed to Thunderbird 
checkins, this is primarily so that we don't disturb things up for the 
localisers who are preparing beta 2 and have yet switched over to 
comm-1.9.2. Once we have cut the locales part of 3.1b2 we'll open it up 
again - this should be some time on Friday.

I expect that the build config clean ups will break comm-central builds 
shortly after we re-open the tree, so be prepared.


p.s. Time/bandwidth saving below:

If you've already got a mozilla-1.9.2 pull set up, then you can do 
something equivalent to the following to save you pulling the mozilla 
repo again:

cd <srcdir>
mv mozilla <safe location>
cd ..
mv <srcdir> <backup location>
hg clone <dirname>
cd <dirname>
mv <safe location>/mozilla mozilla
./ checkout

This will get you a comm-1.9.2 source tree up and running. You will 
loose any patches in queues, so you may need to import them again.

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