Thunderbird market segments

David Ascher dascher at
Tue Apr 27 00:24:07 UTC 2010

  gotta run, but quickly:

On 4/26/10 5:05 PM, Kent James wrote:
> I understand less well:
> 5) "Communications have intent, and we need to understand what those 
> are"  Although I think I understand the problem, I am not sure that 
> there are proposed features that address this, other then rough 
> categorization means such as tags, filters, and virtual folders.

There are no specific proposed features here.  Although I see gloda's 
connotent as a useful bit of technology that allows us to build 

Semi-automatic mailing list filter-creation as in is relevant, but not really enough.

But I'm explicitly not talking about features yet.

> 6) "puts users in effective control of their digital lives". While I 
> think this is a fascinating philosophy, as we see the embrace of 
> Facebook and Apple products which are diametrically opposed to this, 
> there is very little acceptance of this as a value by the public.

The public hasn't been given much of a choice, now has it?  Also, I 
think it's too simple to claim that Apple and Facebook just remove 
control.  For many people, Macs and iPhones are more understandable, and 
hence give more control, even if it's not without some compromises.  
Similarly for facebook, w.r.t. who one gets messages from.

> I would add to this my own under-appreciated area:
> 7) Activity dashboard. At least for me, my standard task management 
> strategy revolves around a few simple organizing schemes that are done 
> in Thunderbird - favorite folders and starred messages. For most 
> people, they only have a few places that they go daily to figure out 
> activities that need followup, and the client should support that 
> well, consolidating multiple information sources into a coherent 
> scheme of required actions.

Yes, and something i hope you do get to explore that further in an 
add-on, and we can have dashboard competitions.


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