Thunderbird market segments

Andrew Sutherland asuth at
Mon Apr 26 22:10:01 UTC 2010

  On 04/26/2010 02:53 PM, Kent James wrote:
> If I may summarize your views in a way that you will probably object 
> to, but I sincerely believe is accurate, it is that 1) there is no 
> future in a standalone email client like Thunderbird for the 
> individual user, and 2) MoMo must remain committed to the individual 
> user, therefore 3) Thunderbird does not make any sense as a flagship 
> product for the future world that you see for MoMo. That's what makes 
> it really hard to make comments on directions for Thunderbird, as it 
> does not really fit into the strategic future of MoMo - your product 
> is RainDrop.

I read it as: The enterprise is not a top priority, individual users are.

Not sure where you got the 'the sky is falling' for Thunderbird in the 
form of Raindrop from.


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