do our tinderboxen all run at 1280x1024?

Philippe M. Chiasson gozer at
Mon Apr 26 19:33:48 UTC 2010

On 64-07-22 14:59 , Andrew Sutherland wrote:
>  The comm-1.9.2 windows unit test tinderbox was failing on a mozmill
> test and it appears the reason is that it was not running at the
> reference platform resolution of 1280x1024
> [...]

They originally were, yes, but I just discovered they aren't
anymore. When accessing them via the VMWare console, the default
client behaviour (now disabled) was to adjust the remote resolution
to fit the size of the client window.

As a result, every win32 build box had a slightly different resolution.
I am now fixing them all back to 1280x1024 and follow the bug for status

> The bug in question:

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