Thunderbird market segments

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Mon Apr 26 17:05:10 UTC 2010

  On 26.04.2010 17:33, David Bienvenu wrote:
>> 7) I keep getting hints that there are a few large organization 
>> deployments that have traditionally received direct support from 
>> Mozilla. What motivates them to do this, if they exist?
> In the past, I would say they have been motivated by up front cost, 
> and the ability to customize the client (e.g., lock down features) so 
> as to drive down the total cost of ownership (lower ongoing support 
> costs).

As for the German Office of Foreign Affairs, it's

    * costs reduced, both license and maintenance (Debian package
      Since switching to Open Source, this office has by far the lowest
      IT costs of all German offices (half of the average) per desk.
    * removing dependence on a single vendor (Microsoft)
    * ability to customize and change and make bugfixes themselves (and
      they have)
    * open source values (community, security, privacy etc.) - Open
      Source is very popular here

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