Thunderbird market segments

David Bienvenu bienvenu at
Mon Apr 26 15:33:03 UTC 2010

  On 4/23/2010 9:58 PM, Kent James wrote:
> 6) The Enigmail user - I don't understand them, but it is a very popular yet technically sophisticated extension, that I cannot see any of the previous market segments 
> wanting. Who are they?
technically sophisticated, privacy-conscious users. But you kinda knew that.
> 7) I keep getting hints that there are a few large organization deployments that have traditionally received direct support from Mozilla. What motivates them to do this, 
> if they exist?
In the past, I would say they have been motivated by up front cost, and the ability to customize the client (e.g., lock down features) so as to drive down the total cost of 
ownership (lower ongoing support costs).

- David

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