Sunset Plan for Thunderbird 2.0.0.x

Archaeopteryx archaeopteryx at
Sat Apr 24 09:39:35 UTC 2010

A few pain points with this.

1) IIRC, there was the policy of an at least six months upgrade window,
so delay the message by a month.

2) Thunderbird 3.1 has not been released yet but is mentioned in the
message. 3.0 isn't linked in the distributor notes, but 3.1 isn't and
its pre-release status isn't mentioned the first time you talk about 3.1

3) Please add a how-to page how to prevent the user interface changes
for the distributors, they probably don't want to tell every user how to
switch from Smart Folders to All Folders or how to see again the message
count in a folder.


> For Thunderbird Distributors
> Enterprise-oriented distributors and ISPs are encouraged to download and
> evaluate Thunderbird 3.0.x or Thunderbird 3.1.  Several new features are
> being included in Thunderbird 3.1 to further assist your users in
> upgrading from Thunderbird to Thunderbird 3.1.  Targeted
> release date of Thunderbird 3.1 is summer 2010.
> The latest pre-release versions of Thunderbird 3.1 are available as free
> downloads from
> While the Mozilla product strategy continues to focus on the individual
> end-user, Mozilla will continue to work with downstream
> enterprise-oriented distributors and support vendors to enable extended
> support for otherwise legacy releases.
> Our development plan is available at
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