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Kent James kent at
Sat Apr 24 04:58:37 UTC 2010

On 4/23/2010 5:47 PM, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> While the Mozilla product strategy continues to focus on the 
> individual end-user, Mozilla will continue to work with downstream 
> enterprise-oriented distributors and support vendors to enable 
> extended support for otherwise legacy releases. 
I've seen precious little written on who the Mozilla product strategy is 
focused at, so I appreciated this little incidental insight.

As part of the understanding of the next steps for Thunderbird and MoMo, 
I would really appreciate more commentary on the market segments that 
people see exist out there, and what are the primary market segments for 

I assume most of you are familiar with a "market segment", but if not I 
would describe it very briefly as a distinct subgrouping of your 
existing or potential customers, that share some characteristics in 
common, and benefits from being understood and targeted as a group.

I will admit I have very little clue on what the actual market segments 
are for Thunderbird, or what the perceived segments are. But at the risk 
of truly proving my ignorance, I will make a few guesses:

1) Recent discussions on m.d.a.t have made it clear that colleges are a 
distinct market segment.

2) The home Windows user that does not either own or want to use 
Outlook, and typically would have used Outlook Express.

3) Small, cost-sensitive organizations that do not use Exchange Server.

4) A small organization, perhaps as part of a larger organization, that 
uses a diverse mix of Linux, Windows, and Macs. (Differs from 3 in being 
driven by technical diversity rather than cost).

5) User on a low-cost second computer, perhaps a netbook or home 
computer, that interacts heavily with a normal Exchange/Outlook business 
world, perhaps mixed heavily with personal use.

6) The Enigmail user - I don't understand them, but it is a very popular 
yet technically sophisticated extension, that I cannot see any of the 
previous market segments wanting. Who are they?

7) I keep getting hints that there are a few large organization 
deployments that have traditionally received direct support from 
Mozilla. What motivates them to do this, if they exist?

Obviously you could subdivide these forever, but a typical organization 
is best served by seeing the world as 5 - 10 market segments that they 
can target.

What segment is the MoMo team targeting? As an example, my EWS work 
targets groups 4) and 5).

Kent James

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