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>  As we're nearing the end of the Thunderbird 3.1 cycle, the usual questions about what's next have started popping up.   With help from drivers, I've put together a wiki page that describes, in general, what we expect things to look like going forward at
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> Folks who wish to discuss this in more detail are encouraged to join <>
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Post TB3.1 planning..Thoughts
I won't belabor the point, but just the fact that there was a TB3.1 with the emphasis there proves that Mozilla messaging is in fact listening.
I think it also shows that assume really can make an ass out of you and me..(Bad News Bears)

Assumptions worth thinking about in future releases:

    1. Prospective new TB users are non-technical types who simply want to exchange simple text messages

Plaintext vs. html is a dead issue. Let it go and give folks an easy way to compose stylish messages.

    *2*. MS Outlook,Windows Live Mail users are not likely to migrate to TB

Probably not , if we don't offer an easy migration path.And offer equivalent functionality.

    *3*. Interoperability with other mail clients is a minimal edge case

While I would like to see all email interaction TB to TB that is certainly not the case.
An example of this is that we fairly recently defaulted all inline images to content-disposition attachment, which lost all inline images to Gmail recipients.
So TB just doesn't work in that scenario.

Bottom line here is a lot of folks are disenchanted with Outlook, and the MS decision to use the word html editor in html composition.
Word produces some very ugly html, but we make it extremely difficult to use the existing tools (html editor) to do much better.

I could cite bugs here, but I think that would do little to advance my position.

Oh, on the interoperability issue (Point 3) 99 out of 100 corporate mails received here are from MS based clients.(composed in html)
Replying to them "in kind" is sometimes a challenge for me. (And I have been using TB since the very early days 0.5)


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