String and feature freeze

Kent James kent at
Thu Apr 22 19:44:22 UTC 2010

The plan for TB3.1 beta2 had the string and feature freeze on the same 
date. Reading IRC comments though, it is really the string freeze that 

Yet the effect of this is that I abandoned efforts to land feature bugs 
(in my case bug 387361, which had risk) that are also not string freeze 
bugs when they could not meet the deadline. Also, I had to put pressure 
on bienvenu to review changes to bugs with interface changes, which took 
away from time he could have been working on string-related bugs.

It seems to me it would make more sense (that is spread out the load a 
little and also allow more bugs to land) if the feature freeze was not 
the same date as the string freeze, but a few days later.


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