comm-1.9.2 branch coming soon

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Apr 21 21:45:36 UTC 2010

  On 21/04/2010 20:04, Dan Mosedale wrote:
>  On 4/21/10 4:43 AM, Mark Banner wrote:
>> Once we've opened comm-1.9.2 we'll change the value in so 
>> that the --mozilla-repo argument is no longer necessary.
> What's the rationale for waiting until comm-1.9.2 opening to update 
Until we do the tag for the branch point, I can pull any changes from 
comm-central and push straight to comm-1.9.2. If we allow other checkins 
(e.g., then we've effectively branched already and we have to 
treat it like a branch.

Whilst we could branch it sooner rather than later, I don't want branch 
management to get in the way of the final b2 patches landing, and it 
gives us time to sort out other infrastructure as well.


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