comm-1.9.2 branch coming soon

Mark Banner mbanner at
Wed Apr 21 11:43:06 UTC 2010

  As previously mentioned, we'll be creating the comm-1.9.2 branch 
whilst we're in the code freeze for beta 2.

I've now raised the initial bugs to start the creation process. Tracking 
bug is

Once comm-1.9.2 is created, you may pull from it, but please do not push 
to it until we announce that it is open - it will be synced manually (if 
necessary) until we are ready.

Note that as a result, when comm-1.9.2 is initially created if you pull 
with it, it will pull mozilla-central not releases/mozilla-1.9.2. You'll 
need to pass the --mozilla-repo argument to to make that work 

If you've already got a mozilla-1.9.2 directory, you should be able to 
move that into a freshly pulled comm-1.9.2 repo, but still specify the 
--mozilla-repo argument the first time you call to ensure it 
doesn't try to switch to mozilla-central.

Once we've opened comm-1.9.2 we'll change the value in so that 
the --mozilla-repo argument is no longer necessary.

The new comm-1.9.2 repo will be available here: once it is created.


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