TB 3.1 branch plans

Mark Banner mbanner at mozillamessaging.com
Thu Apr 15 12:30:28 UTC 2010

  As you all know, at some stage we need to branch comm-central into 
comm-1.9.2 which is where we'll be releasing Thunderbird 3.1 final from.

As 3.1b2 is feature/string/code freeze, I'm proposing that we branch 
after the freeze, but before we start the builds for 3.1b2.

This means we can get everything in place during the "quiet" period 
after freeze, and then once we've built 3.1b2 we know that we have 
pretty much everything in the correct place for the RC builds for final 
and the 3.1.x security releases.

The current plan goes roughly like this:

- Freeze for 3.1b2
- Start getting infrastructure in place, e.g. create comm-1.9.2 
repository, set up mxr, etc...
- On Monday before the builds start, switch over to using comm-1.9.2 for 
3.1 builds (builders, tinderboxes etc). We may do this step earlier, if 
everything is in place, and we're not expecting any late checkins for 3.1b2.
- Do 3.1b2 builds from comm-1.9.2 on Tuesday.

Note that between the time comm-1.9.2 is created, and an announcement 
that we've completed the split, please don't push to comm-1.9.2 - this 
is because we'll be pushing any changes in comm-central across to 
comm-1.9.2 by hand before we branch development.


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