new Thunderbird 3.1b2 dates

Dan Mosedale dmose at
Wed Apr 14 23:50:06 UTC 2010

  After discussion with a variety of folks, we've gone ahead and set a 
new deadline for Thunderbird 3.1b2.  The plan is to do code freeze for 
3.1b2 at 23:59 Pacific Time, next Tuesday, April 20th.  This is 
therefore also the feature and string freeze date for 3.1.  A few more 
details can be found at 

Any patches not landed by that time (even blockers) are at risk of being 
cut from 3.1 entirely.

Because I have jury duty starting next Monday, Standard8 has graciously 
agreed to pick up the 3.1b2 driving from me on Monday morning.


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