3.1b2 plan

Mark Banner mbanner at mozillamessaging.com
Tue Apr 6 15:08:43 UTC 2010

  On 06/04/2010 00:24, Dan Mosedale wrote:
> I'd still very much like to see us ship 3.1b2 very soon, a quick RC1 
> in early May, and final at the beginning of June.  So, with that in 
> mind, I'd like us to prepare for 3.1b2 code/string/feature freeze 
> immediately after the migration assistant (bug 545563) and quick 
> filter bar (bug 545955) land in the tree.  Note that part of the 
> reason for landing them quickly is because we think it will generate 
> more feedback, so it's entirely possible that once they land, we'll 
> get feedback that will make us reconsider the current plan.  But at 
> this point, particularly with regards to the filter bar, that doesn't 
> seem particularly likely.
That's something we should prepare l10n for - the current plan was to do 
the final string freeze at b2 and then release. So we ought to be aware 
for them that we may need to land a few string changes (maybe we should 
just treat them as late-l10n).

I think we also need to consider branching at around the time of b2 code 
freeze/release as well (although this possibly needs a separate thread). 
It would have helped with some of the driving decisions (push things to 
trunk rather than branch) and if we do it before the b2 release, we can 
make sure we've got all our configs set up right for 3.1 which would 
then lead straight into 3.1.1 etc.
> As often happens, it's become more clear that we can't really block on 
> all the bugs that are still on the blocker list.  I need to go through 
> the list again and make some hard decisions, but it's my belief that 
> anything that's not in the tree by the time those two bugs land is 
> something that we should seriously consider living without.
I think that's reasonable, assuming we've got time to finish reviews 
etc. Getting a firm deadline would also be useful as well.


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