3.1b2 feature feedback

Dan Mosedale dmose at mozillamessaging.com
Fri Apr 2 22:47:02 UTC 2010

  Unfortunately, we didn't get as much feedback as we would have liked 
from our test day on the migration assistant 
on the filter toolbar addon 

After a bunch of discussion with Andrew, Blake, Bryan, Ludovic, Wayne, 
the current plan is to move forward with getting more feedback on the 
GetSat thread and getting the patches landed in the tree in parallel.

In the case of the filter toolbar, Bryan is going to blog about it, 
asking for feedback, and Andrew is going to move forward with getting it 
reviewed.  Landing it will be particularly helpful here, since we'll get 
more feedback from nightly users once it's in.

In the case of the migration assistant, Blake is going to blog about it, 
asking for several specific kinds of feedback, and also move forward 
with getting it reviewed.

The intent is that we'll ask for people to give us feedback by the 
end-of-day this coming Wednesday (April 7).  Note that the date is 
somewhat arbitrary, in the sense that we're not blocking anything on 
having that feedback.  The reasoning for setting it then is that it's 
long enough to give people a few days time to offer that feedback, and 
short enough that there will still be the possibility of tweaking the 
code in response to that feedback.  Please, though

Blake, Bryan, after you guys have blogged, can you also mail at least 
dev-apps-thunderbird, and about-mozilla at mozilla.com with pointers to 
your posts?  I know that about:mozilla only comes out on Tuesday, but 
some feedback from that channel seems better than none.

DavidA, I suspect your blog readership is significantly larger than the 
rest of ours.  Can you blog a pointer to those posts as well?

It does occur to me that we could also ask for feedback from the 2.0.0.x 
start page, though I'm not particularly convinced that that's a great 
idea.  Thoughts?


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