New version 68 & autoconfig & disable updates

Thomas Besser thomas.besser at
Thu Sep 26 06:18:08 UTC 2019

Am 02.09.19 um 16:48 schrieb Klaus Hartnegg:
> Am 28.08.2019 um 09:52 schrieb Thomas Besser:
>> lockPref("extensions.update.enabled", false);
>> lockPref("extensions.update.autoUpdateDefault", false);
>> With new version 68.0 this hint is gone _or_ autoconfig does not work
>> like before.
> This works:
> [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Mozilla\Thunderbird]
> "DisableAppUpdate"=dword:00000001

Alternatively I implemented configuration with 'policies.json' file for 
an OPSI deployment package.

I found out that beside the "DisableAppUpdate" 
( directive 
also the "RequestedLocales" 
( works 
with Thunderbird. Assumed that the according language pack is installed. 
Placing it into "<InstallDir>\distribution\extensions\" worked for me.

( did not work.

> Where can we find a list of all supported GPO settings?

Yes, dear Thunderbird developers, please let us know, which directives 
working with TB!

Probably it would be sufficient to add "Thunderbird 68" under 
"Compatibility" for the working directives on the policy-templates page 
of firefox.


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