[Mozilla Enterprise] Announcement of the new CCK - CCK2

Stefan Ozminski ozminski at kbs.msu.edu
Mon Sep 30 06:30:01 PDT 2013

I second that.  We would benefit from a CCK for Thunderbird. However, I must 
admit that after taking advantage of the information that Mike Kaply 
(http://mike.kaply.com/) provided on the generalized configuration options for 
Mozilla products we have an installation that does most of what we need.

The thing that we really need is an intelligent filter import/creator that can 
take filters that were exported for one account and create them in another 
account.  Or in a CCK like manner, create a set of standard filters when an 
account is created.

The add-on "Thunderbird Message Filter Import/Export Enhanced" has failed me 
many times, and it is not automated to the extent that it can create filters for 
an account at creation time.

Speaking of account creation, that would probably be the primary benefit/purpose 
of a CCK for Thunderbird:  Automatic account creation based on the logged in 
user name.

Maybe we would have a better chance of benefiting from Mike's expertise on this 
if we do a better job of supporting the great work he has been doing.


On 9/28/2013 07:02, Tanstaafl wrote:
> On 2013-09-25 4:17 PM, Kaply Consulting <consulting at kaply.com> wrote:
>> I just posted kind of a pre announcement for the new CCK2:
>> http://mike.kaply.com/2013/09/25/getting-ready-for-cck2/
>> The new CCK2 will be both for people that used the old CCK Wizard as
>> well as people that use autoconfig.
>> I'll also be putting some official support channels in place.
>> The best way to keep up to date will be via an email newsletter that
>> I'll be putting out.
>> For more information, please check out the post.
> Thanks Mike!
> However, the blog post doesn't say anything about whether or not CCK2 will 
> support Thunderbird... ?
> Obviously much would not apply to Thunderbird, but I'd be very interested in 
> something that would easily let me set default prefs and lock certain prefs...
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