Thunderbird 24.0 ESR?

Timo Pietilä timo.pietila at
Mon Sep 23 21:50:47 PDT 2013

On 20.9.2013 0:07, Klaus Hartnegg wrote:
> Am 19.09.2013 15:48, schrieb Stijn D'haese:
>> I noticed that Firefox 24.0 ESR was released a few days ago.
>> Are there any plans for update thunderbird to version 24.0 ESR soon?
> Thunderbird 24 is RR and ESR in one,
> see

Just reminder and clarification, what happens to 24 when ESR transition 
period is over? Does it stay in 24.x.x for same about a year as ESR did? 
Or is there overlapping periods every single month so that we have three 
variants of the same software with different features at the same time 
about all of time?

Timo Pietilä

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