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we use a IMAP server and backup this one every night into a single file 
with lots of GBs without problems.

It's a linux system.
You can use a tarball of every mailbox, so you have a quick restore of 
deleted or forgotten data. Most cases are not IMAP crash, mostly the 
error is located 50 cm in front of the monitor ...

Best solution we found is to use maildir systems (at the server), so 
every mail is a single file. Limitations are most widely outside 
usability. IMHO nobody can use an unstructered mail filing, you can 
structure by date, by correspondence or what else and you will never 
reach more then a GB. I have up to 3-4 thousends of mail in a single 
folder and then I start to sort because of searching is to exhausting.

Maybe you will see some brainstorming here :)



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Am 11.09.2013 19:27, schrieb Laurent MECHARLE:
> Hi Martin
> thanks for suggest but we have a imap server that store the mail and working fine. but for lighting this we archive on another space for perform faster recovery if imap server crash and apply mail quota but this case is very exceptional
> but i understand i create
> archive-part1
> archive-part2 for example
> and store max 4 Gb space
> i would just understand why the limitation was
> and i know why now with the community help
> Le 11 sept. 2013 à 18:49, tb-enterprise-request at a écrit :
>> @laurent
>> Hi Laurent,
>> maybe you should think about installing IMAP on a server.
>> You can connect to your IMAP-Server via TB and IMAP is capable to store
>> large amounts of mail.
>> Martin
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