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The restriction 2GB is a FAT16 limit.
This limit was used for max file size from dos/win 3.x to win millenium, 
2000 and XP because of old hardware and inflexible system administrators 
("Never change a running system"), so FAT and it's limitations survived 
at least within the heads ...

Today large files are possible, but a single file with a lot of needed 
informations within is horrible ...

Most users with mailboxes greater then 1,5 GB are asking me about the 
slow-speeded mail system and some clients (not using thunderbird) 
crashes. So I dont prefer to use storages > 1GB within a single file.
Mostly I use IMAP folders for sorting mails, who the <censored> can 
handle x-thousends of mails within a single folder?



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Am 11.09.2013 14:54, schrieb Timo Pietilä:
> On 11.9.2013 15:46, Dirk Schneider wrote:
>> Hi at all,
>> I think the limitation is resulted of filesystem and os limitations.
>> Most operating systems have problems using extra large files.
>> Windows with a mail storage file larger then 2GB - I don't wanna work
>> with!
> That's ancient limit that doesn't apply anymore, but might have been
> origin of TB limit. FAT32 had 4GB limit, NTFS limit is a bit under 16TB.
> TB is however limited to 4GB regardless of file system (unless file
> system limits it even further obviously):
> Timo Pietilä
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