Limitation msf size

Timo Pietilä timo.pietila at
Wed Sep 11 05:49:27 PDT 2013

On 11.9.2013 15:04, MECHARLE Laurent wrote:
> Hi all
> Thanks to Siva for his purpose. I have the same remark about the size
> archive for users have big mailbox. In my Case i Have a mailbox since 40
> Gb and actually i make many third party of archives folders for archive
> mailbox.
> Great for your job guys we are happy enjoy and used thunderbird client.

AFAIK 4GB is limit for single folder. All folders have that same limit, 
but individually, so divide your posts to multiple folders.

40GB is a lot. That practically requires attachments. You should detach 
big attachments from your messages. (I have 6500 messages in my inbox, 
and it still uses way less than 200MB. 40GB is 200* that = 130000+ 
messages. Not realistic.)

Sort by message size to find what takes space in your inbox.

Timo Pietilä

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