Thunderbird's Problems

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Wed Sep 11 03:53:37 PDT 2013

On 2013-09-10 7:53 PM, Ben Bucksch <ben.bucksch at> wrote:
> Nasir Sultan wrote, On 10.09.2013 05:38:
>> A few people who have e-mailed to me have some kind of embedded
>> graphic in their e-mail signature. I have tried a few times to forward
>> e-mails to others, and the e-mail always hangs. Thunderbird brings up
>> a dialog that says: Sending Messages - "Then you see the subject line
>> here" Status: Attaching ... Progress: "Then you see a progress bar
>> here". The e-mail never gets sent and will hang. You can hit cancel to
>> stop. If you then go into the e-mail and delete the embedded graphic
>> signature, then you can send.
> This is because the image in the signature is not sent with the message,
> but on a web server.
> This should be solved when you switch to "Simple HTML":
> Menu View | Message body as | Simple HTML.
> That will show a much simpler version of the HTML message that you
> receive, including stripping remote graphics, but also use the same
> simplified HTML for quoting.
> There's a TB bug in bugzilla to always use the sanitized version of the
> HTML when quoting (but I couldn't find it. anybody?)

Well, this is the first I've heard of this, and I've read all of the 
bugs that I know of pertaining to this issue, which was biting us *very* 
hard a while back (but seems to be much less of a problem now)...

I'd very much appreciate a pointer to said bug as well... if that would 
truly fix this majorly annoying problem, I'm guessing the reason it 
hasn't been done is it isn't as easy as it sounds like it would be?

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