Thunderbird's Problems

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Tue Sep 10 16:53:27 PDT 2013

Nasir Sultan wrote, On 10.09.2013 05:38:
> A few people who have e-mailed to me have some kind of embedded 
> graphic in their e-mail signature. I have tried a few times to forward 
> e-mails to others, and the e-mail always hangs. Thunderbird brings up 
> a dialog that says: Sending Messages - "Then you see the subject line 
> here" Status: Attaching ... Progress: "Then you see a progress bar 
> here". The e-mail never gets sent and will hang. You can hit cancel to 
> stop. If you then go into the e-mail and delete the embedded graphic 
> signature, then you can send. 

This is because the image in the signature is not sent with the message, 
but on a web server.

This should be solved when you switch to "Simple HTML":
Menu View | Message body as | Simple HTML.
That will show a much simpler version of the HTML message that you 
receive, including stripping remote graphics, but also use the same 
simplified HTML for quoting.

There's a TB bug in bugzilla to always use the sanitized version of the 
HTML when quoting (but I couldn't find it. anybody?)

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