Thunderbird's Problems

Tanstaafl tanstaafl at
Tue Sep 10 04:45:10 PDT 2013

On 2013-09-09 11:38 PM, Nasir Sultan <nasir.sultan at> wrote:
> Ben / Mark
> I am user of Thunderbird since three year. I face two problems in
> Thunderbird
> *First Problem*
> A few people who have e-mailed to me have some kind of embedded graphic
> in their e-mail signature. I have tried a few times to forward e-mails
> to others, and the e-mail always hangs. Thunderbird brings up a dialog
> that says: Sending Messages - "Then you see the subject line here"
> Status: Attaching ... Progress: "Then you see a progress bar here". The
> e-mail never gets sent and will hang. You can hit cancel to stop. If you
> then go into the e-mail and delete the embedded graphic signature, then
> you can send.

We have also been experiencing this for a very long time, and there is a 
bug open about it already:

But, it seems to be better now... I have found that more often than not, 
clicking 'Cancel' then just immediately clicking 'Send' again results in 
the message sending straight away...

> When I forward or reply some email my own signature format change and
> shifted in double spacing.

Haven't seen this one...

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