Decision: Mainstream and ESR releases will be merged from TB 24 onwards

Ben Bucksch ben.bucksch at
Fri Sep 6 06:41:09 PDT 2013

Hey Mark,

normally, enterprise users always lag behind a little bit. If you 
advertize TB 24 to enterprise users only at 24.0.2, that is the point 
when they will start looking at TB 24. Most of the time, they will 
encounter problems, and wait with the upgrade, and then they have no 
more support releases of TB 17 and are insecure.

Given that enterprise users generally wait until the last moment, I 
propose we make that transition from 17 to 24 at the earliest possible 
time, and leave 1-2 further TB 17 releases only for "emergency" cases.

All enterprise users: Please test TB 24 beta *now*, whether that works 
for you or you have any problems.


Mark Banner wrote, On 06.09.2013 14:06:
> # Around about 29th Octobler, we'll release:
>   * TB 24.0.1
>       o This will be made available for all mainstream users
>   * TB 17.0.10esr
>       o Again, ESR users will stay on this release
>       o 17.0.10esr will be the last ESR17 release
> # Around 10th December, we'll:
>   * release TB 24.0.2
>   * Provide an update route for 17.0.10esr users to 24.0.2, and they
>     will all be on the same update channel.

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