Decision: Mainstream and ESR releases will be merged from TB 24 onwards

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Sep 6 05:06:50 PDT 2013

Following the previous discussions around removing the possibility for 
the interim releases, I have received no objections, and I have not seen 
any serious concerns on either of the mailing lists.

Therefore we are moving ahead with plans to only have one set of 
Thunderbird releases as we move forward.

The transition plan is pretty much the same with respect to upgrading 
enterprise users as it would have been without a change:

  * Around about 17th September, we'll release:
      o TB 24 to our existing mainstream users
      o TB 17.0.9esr for the enterprise users
          + ESR users will stay on the 17.0.x branch
  * Around about 29th Octobler, we'll release:
      o TB 24.0.1
          + This will be made available for all mainstream users
      o TB 17.0.10esr
          + Again, ESR users will stay on this release
          + 17.0.10esr will be the last ESR17 release
  * Around 10th December, we'll:
      o release TB 24.0.2
      o Provide an update route for 17.0.10esr users to 24.0.2, and they
        will all be on the same update channel.

When it comes around to TB 31, there may be a decision to be made as to 
when we update users from 24.0.x -> 31, but I would expect us to provide 
the two-release overlap for ESR users in some form.


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