Proposal: Dropping the possibility for an intermediate release between ESR cycles

Mark Banner mbanner at
Fri Aug 16 00:20:25 PDT 2013

On 16/08/2013 06:25, André Schild wrote:
> Am 15.08.2013 22:44, schrieb Mark Banner:
>> On 15/08/2013 21:39, Ludovic Hirlimann wrote:
>>> I do believe that enterprise user should voice what they think about
>>> it so adding them on cc here.
>> I was aiming of giving it a day or so of community feedback before
>> passing it to enterprise. However, as you've already done it, then it
>> doesn't matter, comments are welcome from everywhere.
> For enterprise it is important that we don't have more than 1 (2 at
> the max) major updates per year.
> Security updates can of course be more frequent.
I guess the description wasn't quite clear enough.

The proposal only affects the channels that are offered, i.e. mainstream
and ESR will merge into one.

Mainstream has actually been following (the same code as) the ESR branch
like-for-like over the last year. If we continued with the two channels
beyond 24, then mainstream would follow the new ESR 24 branch like-for-like.

If we merge the two channels, then the new one will be the same as "ESR"
is currently - 6 week security & stability releases, with a major update
each year.

The slight difference will be what happens around the time of the
change-over of ESR versions. The main branch would get updated to the
latest major release, but Enterprises and others could pick up the older
version for the standard overlap of two releases.


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