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Jb Piacentino jb at mozilla.com
Thu Oct 27 01:52:16 PDT 2011


We are currently running a survey about Thunderbird to better understand 
users and usage patterns. You might already have answered the 
'individuals' part through Thunderbird start page, and we're now 
entering the second part of the study focusing on 'Enterprise' users. 
We'd like to conduct the survey through one-to-one individual phone 
interviews. I would be very grateful if you could volunteer to give us a 
little bit of your time (no more than 45 minutes) answering a few 
questions, in English or French.

If you are managing a group of Thunderbird users, or if you are a VAR or 
ISV, please email Anne-Marie Bourcier (abourcier at mozilla.com) with your 
details and convenient dates and times. Please make sure you indicate 
the size of your organization and your country. Anne-Marie will then 
contact you back to organize the interview.

We will publicly share the anonymous results of both surveys in a couple 
of weeks so we all know, as a community, a little more about Thunderbird.

Thanks a lot in advance for your cooperation !

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