Thunderbird v8 - Script new user setup.

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Fri Dec 9 06:57:57 PST 2011

On 12/9/11 5:26 AM, Kristiaan Davies wrote:
> OK so with the help of you both i have now managed to get Thunderbird setup 
> so that it reads an Autoconfig file from our domain so that they only need 
> to provide there name, email, password and there account is created for them.
> However i would like to change the thunderbird config slightly if possible. 
> our users all use Imap accounts and thunderbird stores the Imap cache for 
> each user within the roaming part of there userprofile, i would rather this 
> be left on the local machine. is there a way i can alter this with a custom 
> configuration or during first login etc??
> if its at all possible an example of how to-do this would really be 
> appreciated as i have yet to get anything relating to Javascript working 
> with thunderbird from the couple websites i have tried, nothing seems to be 
> happening, or the files / folders they make reference too do not exist..
> Thanks
> Kris Davies
> Systems Administrator
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Howdy Kris,

I have a short series of posts on Mozilla autoconfig on my blog 
<>.  Perhaps this post 
will point you in the right direction.

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