New Sandbox Build Request Page

James Sudduth jsudduth at
Tue Mar 15 14:54:31 PDT 2011

There is a new Try Server/Sandbox build request page here:

This new page runs from playercore, so not only will it be able to show the build and sandbox status, it will also display the current build request queue. There have also been some changes made to the formatting of the page to make it (I hope) more useful. If, after using the new page, you wish to suggest more improvements please see bug 609022.

The new page does form validation that the old one didn’t. It will now warn you if you leave a field blank or incorrectly formatted (except for the Description field). In addition, for security reasons, it will only accept repository urls starting with, <http://asteam.corp.adobe/.com/hg/> , or The Revision field will only accept a 4-digit Arabic number, a 12-digit hex number or the word ‘tip’.

Other changes:
The old build request page that ran on asteam now just redirects you to the one above.

Since we’re running the new page on playercore it became necessary to be able to check the repos created on asteam to be sure they exist at the locations listed in the build request files before submitting them to Buildbot. The problem is that playercore can’t look into asteam, so we had to figure out a way to do the checking from asteam. Under the new system when you submit a build request it will first go to an /urlcheck folder on playercore. A service running on asteam checks, once per minute, all of the requests in that /urlcheck folder for accuracy. The approved requests are moved to the /pending folder on playercore where the Buildbot watcher then processes them. Requests that are rejected move to a /rejected folder and an email is sent to the submitter with the reason(s) for rejection. So please remember to check your email after submitting a build to be sure there’s no error mail there.


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