compiling flex to work with tamarin

snacktime snacktime at
Wed Jun 22 14:58:14 PDT 2011

Is there a way to build the flex compiler so it can compile bytecode
that the current tamarin can run?  I tried replacing the asc source
that comes with flex with the one that works with tamarin, but that
didn't seem to work, although I could have done it wrong.

I'm using flashbuilder with a builtin.swc and shell_toplevel.swc I
created, and that all works I get ide completion and it compiles.  But
it won't run under tamarin.  Using asc.jar to compile large projects
is kind of a pain, if I could get a build of flex that works with
tamarin I'd be a happy camper.

Also, anyone know why flex 4+ creates swc's with a reference to
Sprite?  Personally I think the open source version of flex should at
least have an option to turn that off.


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