tamarin-redux and tamarin-central are now OPEN

Jeff Dyer jodyer at adobe.com
Fri Mar 27 21:42:05 PDT 2009

The TR->TC merge is done.

Here are the highlights:

- Refactoring and size reduction of method info, parameterized 
  vtable and scope chain structures
- AIR GCHeap features merged
- Update performance suite to run on mobile devices
- Native run-time compiler, read-eval-print loop, 'eval'. 
  Compiled out for now, and only casually tested (see notes
  in ./eval)
- MIR removed, now that Nanojit supports the required CPU targets
- Single language support for errorgen.xml
- Stale Nanojit Thumb backend removed
- More verifier refactoring
- Porting APIs for mmgc, logging, debugging and date functionality
- String fixes (see last merge for context)
- Differential testing harness (see ./utils/avmdiff.py)
- Performance improvement by converting AvmCore instance methods
  to static methods
- ABC assembler becomes prime-time with more complete instruction
  set and acceptance test cases
- 74 bugs fixed, plus or minus

Have fun, code safe!


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