Building Tamarin-Tracing on ARM

Zsolt Világos vilagos at
Thu Jun 26 06:39:35 PDT 2008


    I'm Zsolt Világos from the University Of Szeged, Hungary.
    We do some work on Tamarin that involves testing it on an ARM 
device. We have a small device with ARM CPU running some kind of Linux 
(not up-to-date kernel).
    We failed to cross-compile TT on an Ubuntu v8.04 distro using our 
self-built arm-linux C/C++ compiler (GCC 3.3).
    We tried 2 possibilities:
    1. using the makefile in the top directory of the source. There was 
some trouble, the configure python script and other are not prepared for 
ARM compiliing. I made some modifications that moved on the cart, but 
there were still problems. I do not provide more details because I think 
that would be pointless at this stage.
    2. we tried to use the makefile in the platform/arm folder with 
similar result. Unsuccessful built. The interesting part was that the 
compilation process involved compiling shell/TypedArrayClass.* which are 
not present in the repo. I figured out that the file was removed around 
11/01/2008. I tried to omit this dependence, but further errors emerged.
    So we have a bug question: how to build an ARM binary.

Best Regards,
    Zsolt Világos
    University Of Szeged, Hungary

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