Updating TT's MMgc from TC

Jim Blandy jimb at mozilla.com
Sat Jun 21 02:48:28 PDT 2008

I've got a working merge of TC's MMgc to TT, with no regressions
relative to TT.  The interesting patches are awaiting review from Tommy
on bug 409021:

Because of the nature of the change, it's pretty cumbersome for me to
merge the changes people make to TT's MMgc into this patch.  So now that
the regressions are gone and the patches are based on the current
sources, it would be nice to get this in quickly.

The full series of patches (including an approved patch for bug 439502) is
available as the series of changesets ending with bf8a0833bd2d in:

The series actually includes seventeen patches: 
1) revert changes people have made to TT's MMgc since my original
   drop-in point
2) Drop in TC's MMgc on top of the original TT MMgc
3) re-apply the reverted changes, adapted to the new code base
4) make further fixes to MMgc needed to support TT

This breakdown separates the (exact) copy of MMgc from TC to TT from
adaptations of changes made to TT's MMgc, and arranges to fail helpfully
if someone makes a change to TT's MMgc that I haven't merged yet
(because the exact copy patch will fail to apply).

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