How to call a AS function from C++?

Kelkar, Anand akelkar at
Thu Jun 19 07:10:17 PDT 2008

Just to be clear, I am not doing any reentrancy work here, I am just
trying to create a ScriptObject and call AS method in that object from
C++. Even I am not sure how to setup the namespaces/domains etc for
execution of methods. I am doing it by trial and error.  

So far from C++ 
- I am able to find a globally defined object (instance of a class) - I
call it as a factory object.
- call an AS method on factory from C++. This method internally create a
new object instance of another AS class and returns it to C++.

And now I am trying call method on the newly created object and having
problem with namespace. Somehow calling method on factory object from
C++ did not create any problem for namespace.


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Kelkar, Anand wrote:
> Hello All,
> I am trying to call an AS method on an AS object from C++ by using 
> Toplevel->callproperty() function. But the problem is that when 
> callproperty() tries to find the function inside the traits of that 
> object, it cannot find it because the namespace sets that is passed 
> thru Multiname to callproprty() function are not matching with ones 
> saved inside traits table. Right now I am using publicNamespace to 
> generate my multiname for function but that seems not to be correct. 
> How do I find the correct namespace to be passed to multiname?
Is it possible to do this? I thought the interpreter was not reentrant.

I'm interested in a full answer as well. I'm working on some stuff where

I need to understand in detail how method calls and such work and what 
can be done in the existing infrastructure.


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