Renaming ByteArray in TT

Mark Hammond mhammond at
Tue Jun 17 23:45:19 PDT 2008

> Actually TC had a flash.utils.ByteArray which was nearly identical to
> the one in flash, but it was only available in the shell so it probably
> wasn't widely used.

ESC (and as a result, ScreamingMonkey) uses flash.utils.ByteArray to hold
the generated abc.  From the POV of ScreamingMonkey though, I expect the
other changes that will be necessary to move to TT will be much more of a
headache than the simple rename of this type.



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> Subject: Renaming ByteArray in TT
> Flash Player has a class called ByteArray to allow for efficient
> manipulation of raw bytes in ActionScript. This was never implemented
> in Tamarin-Central directly, but rather in Flash Player code.
> In Tamarin-Tracing, we decided to implement a subset of ByteArray
> directly in the VM itself, because (1) it's really handy, and (2) the
> tracing-JIT design should allow us to make very efficient code for
> these in many cases (ie, direct byte access in some cases), and this is
> a lot easier to do if the VM can have intimate knowledge of ByteArray.
> Unfortunately, this is causing some coding confusion in Flash Player
> land, as it means we now have avmplus.ByteArray (the new TT-based
> class) and flash.utils.ByteArray (the existing class that Flash already
> defines).
> Despite the separate packages, it's causing some coding headaches, so
> we're thinking that maybe we should rename the new TT-hosted class
> while it's still new ... the most obvious suggestion (IMHO) being
> avmplus.ByteVector.
> Anyone have suggestions, comments, objections?
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