Renaming ByteArray in TT

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Tue Jun 17 10:04:16 PDT 2008

Actually TC had a flash.utils.ByteArray which was nearly identical to the one in flash, but it was only available in the shell so it probably wasn't widely used.

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Flash Player has a class called ByteArray to allow for efficient manipulation of raw bytes in ActionScript. This was never implemented in Tamarin-Central directly, but rather in Flash Player code.

In Tamarin-Tracing, we decided to implement a subset of ByteArray directly in the VM itself, because (1) it's really handy, and (2) the tracing-JIT design should allow us to make very efficient code for these in many cases (ie, direct byte access in some cases), and this is a lot easier to do if the VM can have intimate knowledge of ByteArray.

Unfortunately, this is causing some coding confusion in Flash Player land, as it means we now have avmplus.ByteArray (the new TT-based class) and flash.utils.ByteArray (the existing class that Flash already defines). 

Despite the separate packages, it's causing some coding headaches, so we're thinking that maybe we should rename the new TT-hosted class while it's still new ... the most obvious suggestion (IMHO) being avmplus.ByteVector.

Anyone have suggestions, comments, objections? 

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