New/delete mismatch in DebugStackFrame::indexOfFirstLocal()

Michael Daumling mdaeumli at
Thu Jun 12 10:06:50 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I am experimenting with various command line arguments. -Dastrace is
very sensitive:

1) If you omit the number, and -Dastrace happened to be the last
argument, avmshell crashes.

2) In DebugStackFrame::indexOfFirstLocal(), the code looks like this:

	const MethodInfo* mi = trace->env->buildMethodInfo();
	int result = 1 + mi->param_count;
	delete mi;	// we're done with it, toss it now

The problem: mi is allocated with new (gc, extra) MethodInfo(), but the
global delete operator is called.

Very ugly.


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