Tamarin Update Meeting...

Scott Unterberg scottu at adobe.com
Thu Jun 12 09:01:18 PDT 2008

Hi everyone-


In an effort to make scheduling across time-zones a bit easier for our
Tamarin Updates meeting each Tuesday, we are going to be putting a bit
more rigor into when we will decide if there will be a meeting each


On Monday mornings PST, I will send out a reminder (to this list) for
folks to update the wiki with their agenda items for the Tuesday meeting
<http://wiki.mozilla.org/Tamarin:WeeklyUpdates> ).  Folks are also
welcome to add their agenda items to the wiki throughout the previous
week, but if we find there are not enough items to warrant a meeting by
end of day Monday, we will cancel the next meeting.


Either way, I will send out a note by 5pm PST on Monday to let everyone
know if there will be a meeting the following day.  This will then allow
enough time for folks around the world to schedule accordingly.




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