TT Debugger builds broken?

Thomas Reilly treilly at
Thu Jun 12 06:02:58 PDT 2008

My bad, yeah, Steven's fix is the right one...

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Yeah, looks like Tommy checked in some changes without building on
Windows... :-(

I think the correct fix is actually

    console << StackTrace::create(this, currentFrame())->format(this) <<

I am planning on slipping this into an (unrelated) patch I am preparing for
later today or early tomorrow. But someone else feel free to push the change

On 6/11/08 3:52 PM, "Haghighat, Mohammad R" <mohammad.r.haghighat at>

> Out of a fresh copy, builds under DEBUGGER complain:
> 1>..\..\core\AvmCore.cpp(1803) : error C2220: warning treated as error - no
> 'object' file generated
> 1>..\..\core\AvmCore.cpp(1803) : warning C4800: 'avmplus::StackTrace *' :
> forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning)
> console << (int) StackTrace::create(this, currentFrame()) << '\n';
> A simple cast solves the problem.
> - moh
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