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Tue Jun 10 13:29:44 PDT 2008

"Par Winzell" <preilly at> writes:

 > We have a pretty massive ActionScript 3 application; upwards of 2000
 > classes, currently running client-side. About a third of this bulk will
 > also now be running server-side thanks to the glory of Tamarin.
 > But we're running into pretty substantial compiler problems.
 > ASC, on one hand, has no concept of class->file mapping, so it cannot be
 > given a target file and incrementally bring in referenced source from
 > class paths; in fact, even if you feed it a huge list of files, the
 > com.macromedia.embedding.Main version won't try to sort them according
 > to inheritance dependency. It seems clear that ASC as it stands now is
 > meant to compile small scripts, not large structured applications.
 > Rather than trying to rewrite ASC (perhaps port ScriptCompiler's
 > ordering code to Main), I just recently turned my attention to
 > Compc/Mxmlc in the hope that they could be convinced to generate ABC
 > directly. I had some success here, playing with ConsoleApplication, but
 > I've yet to be able to get these programs to read ABC files as imports.
 > Having to generate both SWC's (for compiling applications) and ABC's
 > (for feeding to Tamarin) is possibly doable but a bit cumbersome.
 > So, what I'm curious about is, are there any plans at Adobe or Mozilla
 > to extend either the abilities of ASC or the binary-friendliness of
 > Compc/Mxmlc to fill this gap?
 > If not, is there something I missed that might make our task easier? I'm
 > not averse to a fair bit of hacking on the source, I just don't want to
 > needlessly reproduce efforts already undertaken.
 > I realize this query may not address Tamarin development directly, and
 > that likely you're much more interested in ES4 and Tracing than what we
 > are trying to do -- but it does still seem relevant to Tamarin
 > generally; most AS3 developers are surely used to packages being
 > mirrored by directory structure, and not having to list every dependency
 > manually.

Using the Flex SDK's subversion trunk, it should be easy to modify
As3Compiler.generate() to write an .abc file after the BytecodeEmitter
fills in the CompilationUnit's bytes.

I don't think anything special would need to be done to import .abc
files.  The already supports the .abc
mime type.  In addition, I bet it supports the source path, too.  Such
that it would find foo/, if you used foo.Bar.  I haven't tested
this, though.

Alternatively, you could leave mxmlc as is and then use a modified
swfdump, see, to extract the abc blocks.
The modification would just be to change doABC() to write the bytes to
a file, kinda like -external does for defineBits().  This would allow
the global optimizer to run and if desired the abc blocks would be


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