Questions related to Native method implementations

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Mon Jun 9 17:13:29 PDT 2008

The best I can do is point you at the 'axscript' directory in the
tamarin-central branch.  Similarly to what Par said, the approach axscript
takes is to implement the native objects, but have them instantiated from
script code, not from C++ code.  In axscript's case, it assumes that some
bootstrap script code has created an object called 'engine', and the C++
code gets that object from the global object, and using other C++ APIs,
arranges to call (script implemented) methods on that object.  That script
code in turn interacts with the natively implemented objects.  Using
top-level script functions would probably work just as well as my "object
oriented" approach, which was chosen to mirror the underlying API I was
implementing using Tamarin.

I believe some of this will need to change for TT though - see bug for details.




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Subject: Questions related to Native method implementations


I created my AS class and defined some native methods and implemented them
in C++. If I use that class in AS and instantiate it and call methods my
code in C++ is executed properly. 

Now I want to how to create an instance of that AS class from C++ side. So I
think I know the steps but not sure how to do it.
- I will first have to find classclosure for my AS class in my domain
- Use that classclosure to create a new object of type subclass of
- Find method I want to call inside ScriptObject
- Execute that method

I tried looking in tamarin-devel archives and found one thread related to
“how to add my own objects?   Mark Hammond
But it does not have the full answer to my questions about how to
instantiate as AS class (which has native methods implemented in C++) from

Can somebody help me with this.


P.S. I also have some other questions related to this which I sent sometime
back to a wrong address, I guess.

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Subject: Questions related to Native method implementations


I am trying to implement few methods of a sample AS3.0 class as native
methods. In that process I am able to use macros like BEGIN_NATIVE_MAP and
define C++ impmentations for the native methods. Also able to build the
AS3.0 class and generate header file defining all constatnts related to
class, methods name etc and map AS3.0 class with my C++ class.  I am also
hitting the code inside my native C++ methods when functions are called on
object of that AS3.0 class. But I have comple of questions related to
implementations of native methods. 
- How to interpret arguments passed to native member functions of classes
that we have added?  Especially if those are not native like boolean,
string, ints etc. How to interpret ‘object’ type parameters?
- How to return a valid data type from a native function which is not a
simple data type like int, bool etc? 
- How to map/interpret AS3.0 class member properties defined inside AS class
definition to member variables inside C++ class that is used to implement
native methods?
- Is it possible to access other AS3.0 class static members like constants
from C++.
Are there any good examples of such implementations. I tried looking mostly
at StringBuilder, ByteArray implementations in avmshell but most of them
have native parameters such as int, bool, string etc.
Thanks in advance.

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