Jim Blandy jimb at mozilla.com
Wed Jun 4 13:58:45 PDT 2008

Rob Winchell <rwinchel at adobe.com> writes:
> Currently Tamarin Central only supports the Win64 configuration. It should
> pass all tests in both interp and JIT modes.
> In interp mode, TC will still call the emitNativeThunk routine in
> Amd64Assembler.cpp. The code in emitNativeThunk is setup to support the
> Win64 ABI, which is different from the AMD64 ABI (which is what
> FreeBSD/Linux/OSX/everthing-that-isn't-Windows uses). So to get an
> interp-only build working for FreeBSD, at the minimum you would need to
> change the code in emitNativeThunk to generate the proper calling code.
> There is considerably more work to be done in CodegenMIR.cpp, although much
> of the code inside AVMPLUS_AMD64 blocks should be portable. Anything that
> involves function calls/returns is going to be different though.

Mozilla has an intern, David Anderson <danderson at mozilla.com> working on
64-bit support this summer.  He's on the #tamarin channel at the moment;
I assume he's usually there.

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