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Brent Baker brbaker at adobe.com
Wed Jan 23 07:16:29 PST 2008

I have been working on getting a build system up and running for
tamarin-central and tamarin-tracing. We (Adobe) have been running the
same system internally for some time now, but were unable to expose it
as it was running on our internal network. With help from Mozilla folks
I have been able to get the system up and running externally so that
everyone can access it.


The build status is available here:

   tamarin-central http://tamarin-builds.mozilla.org/tamarin-central

   tamarin-tracing http://tamarin-builds.mozilla.org/tamarin-tracing


We are also going to be posting binary bits that we generate during the
builds, the plan is to maintain the last 10 or so builds.




The build system that we are using is buildbot


The next steps will be to enable the email notification on build
failures. When this is enabled an email will be sent to the person who's
change caused the failure. I will send out an update when this gets


If you have any questions about the build system please contact either
myself (Brent Baker brbaker at adobe.com) or Dan Schaffer
dschaffe at adobe.com, or ping either of us on irc #tamarin.






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