Running two ABC files which have inter dependencies

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As far as I know, this is not possible.  esc, for example, "solves" this by
using .sh scripts to execute the programs, where any important ordering has
already been determined by the author of the .sh script.  While
inconvenient, I don't see any real-world problems presented by the lack of
dependency tracking (for example, axscript defines an array of .abc files,
cloned from the .sh scripts, which are loaded in the order the filenames
appear in the c++ source).


However, the lack of *bundling* of .abc files is an issue - where the
question is how to bundle .abc files into a final .dll/.exe file (apologies
for the windows terminology, but you get the idea) - but even then, I
suspect the *order* of the loading will still be under a person's control.
Insights into how the flash player deals with this are obviously welcome ;)


Of  course, I could be wildly off-base, but these are the relevant
considerations I see for ScreamingMonkey.






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Subject: Running two ABC files which have inter dependencies


I have two ABC files in which one ABC file is importing some class, which is
in another ABC file.

I don't know the exact order of dependencies. So, I don't know the exact
order in which I have to pass them to avmplus.exe. 

If I don't give these files to avmplus.exe in correct order, then I am
getting error like "Variable 'imported class' is not defined".

Is there any way to run these files with out knowing the dependency order?. 

If there is no direct way to do this, is there anyway to merge these two ABC
files into one ABC to get one pool object.

Thanks & Regards

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