Webkit's Sunspider JS benchmark on ActionMonkey JS

Dan Schaffer dschaffe at adobe.com
Thu Jan 17 12:21:16 PST 2008


Thanks for the notes.  I submitted the changes in runtests.py today into

2 changes:
- removed nice level -10, I think 10 is the default anyway, to enable
nice you can always set AVM or AVMTT='nice -n 10 avmplus'
- added avmtt= in getopt call, so ./runtests.py --avmtt=avmplus should

I ran on Ubuntu 7.10

We should also think about adding other performance tests.  We have a
commandline version of the chessapp (from silverlight).  Also thinking
about the javagrande AS port, and scimark (floating point math tests).
We also have a headless boids algorithm. We want to have a good set of
tests to track progress but should make sure all the tests are valid and
worth the time it takes for people to run them.


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The runtest.py script uses nice level -10 to run the tests. However
only privileged users can do that on Linux. Am I the only one who does
not feel comfortable running lots of code under a privileged user?

It also is not able to detect that the called command failed nor
report why (it eats the error message from nice that says "nice:
cannot set niceness: Permission denied").

And finally there is a missing "avmtt=" item in the call to getopt.

Other than that I am happy to report that I can successfully run the
benchmark against tamarin-central and tamarin-tracing on Debian Linux.



On 10/01/2008, Dan Schaffer <dschaffe at adobe.com> wrote:
> I submitted the sunspider tests into tamarin-central/test/performance.
> We can add other performance tests here.  The requirement for a
> performance test is to print("metric <name> <value>").
> Thanks to Guaxin Fan for helping out with typing the sunspider tests.
> Also note the functional (acceptance) testsuite moved to
> tamarin-central/test/acceptance. Instruction are in
> test/performance/readme.txt
> usage example:
> $ export
> e
> $ export
> exe
> $ export ASC=c:/dev/asc/asc.jar
> $ export GLOBALABC=c:/dev/tamarin-central/core/builtin.abc
> $ ./runtests.py
> Executing 52 tests at 2008-01-10 11:25:47.949447
> tc:
> c:/dev/tamarin-central/platform/win32/obj_8/shell/Release/avmplus.exe
> tt:
> c:/dev/tamarin-tracing/platform/win32/obj_8/shell/Release/avmplus.exe
> test                                                    tc      tt
> typed/sunspider-access-binary-trees.as                  94    1203
> typed/sunspider-access-fannkuch.as                      78    1968
> ...


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